Welcome to the Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency

The Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency, also known as TFURA, was formed in 1965 to utilize federal Housing and Urban Development funds to spur renewal efforts in downtown Twin Falls.  Those improvements on Main Avenue and Shoshone Street were completed in the early 1970s, along with acquisition of several parking lots by the City of Twin Falls and TFURA.

In 1988, the State of Idaho added the ability for URAs like TFURA to use tax increment financing to help create new, good jobs and continue with their classic mission of renovating downtown.  Because of the new state law, TFURA created its first RAA, to assist Universal Frozen Foods’ (now Con-Agra) and Henningsen Cold Storage’s expansion by increasing the sewer capacity and building a new road.  The increased tax revenue from these private expansions was the income stream to pay off the bond that paid for those improvements.

Since then TFURA has kept its mission simple and elegant:

1. Create and retain good new jobs by providing needed infrastructure to companies expanding in Twin Falls; and 

2. Continue redevelopment of Downtown and Old Town through replacement of aging, deteriorating infrastructure which paves the way for new private investment.

To accomplish its mission TFURA partners with the City of Twin Falls and many other local & regional organizations such as College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, Region IV Business Development, Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization, Business Plus, and Southern Idaho Tourism, to name just a few.


  • April 2015 - Clif Bar broke ground on Phase I of their new 450,000 square foot, $160 million facility to open their first company-owned LEED bakery. Clif Bar will open in April 2016 with about 200 skilled employees and over the next few years go to Phase II which will double their workforce.  TFURA, the City, and the State of Idaho are investing approximately $25 million in new infrastructure, land acquistion, and site development to support Clif's operations.  The company chose Twin Falls over hundreds of U.S. cities based on Clif Bar's 5 aspirations and how closely they fit with Twin Falls.  The economic impact of Clif Bar when it's open will be more than $40 million annually to our local and regional economy.  TFURA will issue a ~$20 million tax-exempt bond in 2016 to pay for the infrastructure neededto run their operations.
  • August 2013 - Glanbia Foods USA opened their new U.S. Headquarters and Cheese Innovation Center in Old Town/Downtown Twin Falls.  Glanbia and its landlord, Uptown Developers, invested $15 million in a 50,000 square-foot campus in the heart of Old Town. One hundred employees moved into these new facilities with room to accommodate Glanbia's growth. TFURA assisted Glanbia with about $1 million of new infrastructure, land acquistion/site development, off-street parking, and street/sidewalk/landscape improvements.  Glanbia's investment and presence in downtown Twin Falls has led to the revitalization of our Main Avenue shopping area with most storefronts now occupied.
  • December 2012 - TFURA and the City of Twin Falls assisted Chobani Yogurt to build a new 1 million square-foot, $450 million capital investment yogurt production plant to serve their expanding market.  The City and TFURA have invested about $36 million in new infrastructure to accommodate their operations in Twin Falls.  Chobani has hired more than 500 employees to fill their skilled jobs. Chobani's economic impact is more than $1 billion annually as the main ingredient is milk and all the milk is sourced locally.  It has led to vendors opening plants in our region such as FabriKal in Burley to  supply them plant-based yogurt containers.
  • June 2010 - Recruited C3Connect, a business outsourcing/call center company to Twin Falls by offering a competitive lease on the former Dell Technical Support Center.  By November C3 had hired 800 employees and continues to grow.  As of June 2015 TFURA is negotating a new lease with C3 to extend their presence up to 10 years.


  • June 2015 - TFURA is embarking on a ~$10 million renovation of Main Avenue, the heart and soul of Twin Falls, to ensure that downtown property owners and merchants will be able to continue their growth.  Preliminary design of streetscape, festival streets, landscaping, lighting, a new Dowtown Commons, and parking has concluded.  We have moved into final design of the public and private infrastructure in the alleys with construction expected to begin in early 2016 and finishing up by the end of the year.  
  • June 2015 - Fisher Technology, largest independent document systems company in Idaho, opened their new Twin Falls office in downtown on 2nd Ave South.  TFURA provided them a dilapidated brick warehouse that Fisher's invested about $500,000 and transformed it into a gorgeous new office building.  They will have about 10 employees but as important, kept an historical building from being demolished due to lack of maintenance and investment. 
  • May 2014 - TFURA completed the new Dennis Bowyer pocket park in Old Town providing much needed green space for the businesses and residents in this neighborhood.  Between this investment along with Glanbia's and St. Luke's investmensts, Old Town has transformed itself from a crime-ridden, derelict area into a revitalized employment, residential, and entertainment district.  These private investments have induced other companies to renovate buildings and create new investment in Old Town.  
  • August 2013 - Glanbia Foods USA opened their new $15 million, 50,000 sf U.S. Headquarters and R&D Center Campus in the heart of Old Town and brought in about 100 employees. TFURA assisted by spending about $1 million on infrastructure to support their operations.
  • May 2010 - St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center opened a new 110-employee financial services office downtown; the City and TFURA assisted by providing off-street parking and   other infrastructure improvements.  

These are just some of the projects and how TFURA and the City can partner with private capital to re-invest in Twin Falls and create hundreds of new jobs.  Please take a few minutes to browse our site, learn how we can help your business expand or relocate, and contact us for additional information and assistance. Local residents can also find information on TFURA’s activities and goals.