About URA

“Establish an environment that encourages economic growth in our community.”

Downtown Twin FallsWe have two objectives to achieve our mission:

  1. Create and retain new, skilled jobs in underdeveloped commercial and industrial areas of the city.
  2. Lead downtown redevelopment to include new urban housing, mixed-use development, and public spaces.
    • Attract more people through new housing and employment space
    • Quality development that complements various downtown areas
    • Increased tax base

TFURA is governed by a 7-member private citizen board, appointed by the City of Twin Falls Mayor, and approved by the City Council.  Each member can serve for two 3-year terms.  Officers of the board are Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.  The City of Twin Falls manages the Agency’s operations for an annual stipend.  

Primary staff include Nathan Murray, Executive Director, nmurray@tfid.org; Jesse Schuerman, Staff Engineer, jschuerman@tfid.org; Lorrie Bauer, Administrative Assistant, lbauer@tfid.org, and Joshua Palmer, Communications Liaison, jpalmer@tfid.org. Other City departments also contribute to the Agency’s success such as Finance, Engineering, Public Works Administrative, and Community Development.

The TFURA board meets the second Monday of each month at 12:00pm in the Twin Falls City Council Chambers located at 305 3rd Ave. E. in Twin Falls.  Occasionally that day falls on a holiday and we meet the next day, Tuesday.  Our agenda information is generally posted on our website several days prior to the meeting.  We encourage anyone interested in our work to join us for these discussions. 

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