Location & Benefits

Twin Falls offers a low-cost, business-friendly alternative to supplying the major Western markets.

Close to Western markets

Twin Falls’ location on I-84 in southern Idaho puts it within a day’s drive to many Western markets.   Our location is just 3.5 hours northwest of Salt Lake City and 8 hours east of Portland, OR.  In addition, long-haul trucks can easily access Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Seattle.

  • Rail – Eastern Idaho Railroad is a short-line railroad that connects our market with Union Pacific Railroad and then on to the rest of the U.S.   EIRR carries a wide variety of products in its 50,000 annual car loads.  Contact Dusty Tenney, 208-431-2556 or dtenney@watcocompanies.com.  
  • Air – Magic Valley Airport  offers daily roundtrips to Salt Lake City with regional jet service.  Business can also ship directly from the Airport utilizing delivery services such as UPS and FedEx.  There is a thriving general aviation business there as well.  Pads are available for lease. Contact Bill Carberry, Airport Manager, 208-733-5215 or bcarberry@tfid.org.  


  • State – For businesses here for the long-term, you will find that our incentives are priced based on our low tax rates.  Idaho offers multiple types of tax deductions and tax credits including sale tax exemptions, income tax credits, and so on.  Click here for more information.
  • Local – TFURA can offer tax increment financing for projects over $200,000 and private bond financing for those projects over $1.5 million.  TFURA can assist with new infrastructure needed to develop new properties as well as land cost buydown.  Click here for more information.

Low Cost of Business

Twin Falls offers a lower-cost alternative to serving larger markets. Click here to view the City of Twin Falls Business Guide.  

Local & state taxes and fees

  • Local taxes – property tax is our only local tax which is .01938 for 2013.  That’s the full rate for any real or personal property located in the City. (Note: There is a $100,000 personal property tax extemption.) Primary homeowners enjoy an annual value exemption of one-half of the assessed property value, up to $83,920.  Businesses have various exemptions which are explained in the Incentives section above.
  • State Taxes – Idaho assesses a 6% sales tax rate, income tax rate up to a maximum rate of 7.4%, workers compensation and unemployment insurance (variable, depending on business).  Click here for further information on Idaho taxes.


Being the hub of the Magic Valley gives Twin Falls employers a 7-county, 50-mile radius from which to draw a skilled workforce.  I-84 bisects the region so a 50-mile radius is a quick commute.


Water/Sewer     (2013-2014 rates)

Water/sewer is provided by the City of Twin Falls.  Commercial rates are quite low:

  • Water Base rate = $10.53 
    • 3,000 – 150,000 gallons = $1.67/1,000 gallons
    • 150,001 – 10 million gallons = $.76 per 1,000 gallons
  • Sewer Base Rate = $20.24
    • Flow, 1,000 gallons = $0.532
    • BOD, per lb. = $0.236
    • TSS, per lb. =$0.231 


Idaho Power has the distinction of being in the lowest 10% of power costs in the nation. Click here for Idaho Power rates and information. 

Natural Gas

Intermountain Gas provides ample supplies to our region.  Click here for Intermountain Gas rates and information.


Qwest/CenturyLink, PMT and Cable One provide excellent fiber connections as do other regional companies. Click the company name for more information.